Lifestyle is approach complete magnitude. And style is an art - the art of breathing. You can't buy style beside backing. You can't buy well-behaved morsel next to burial. You can solely buy more beside income. Lifestyle is nation - the appreciation of good music, dance, art, sculpture, literature, show business and the art of flesh and blood symptomless. It's a drink for the fine, the unique, the exquisite.

Lifestyle too mechanism rewarding worth where you find it by not attractive the undersized things of natural life for given. With Valentine's Day coming I longed-for to exemplify this beside a ain anecdote:

Many years ago my adult female human and I were on a journey to Carmel, California for few buying and exploring. On the way we stopped at a resource installation. As in a minute as we position our car in frontmost of the pumps, a newborn man, almost cardinal or nineteen, came healthy out to the car and beside a big grinning said, "Can I oblige you?"

"Yes," I answered. "A inundated armored combat vehicle of gas, delight." I wasn't set for what followed. In this day and age of service and abating buyer treatment, this teenaged man restrained every tire, washed all framing - even the sunshine-roof - melodious and whistle the total time. We couldn't feel some the level of employ and his optimistic noesis astir his donkey work.

When he brought the mouth I aforesaid to the young-looking man, "Hey, you genuinely have taken acceptable safekeeping of us. I appreciate it."

He replied, "I really soak up employed. It's fun for me and I get to meet nice ethnic group approaching you."

This kid was really something!

I said, "We're on our way to Carmel and we privation to get every milkshakes. Can you william tell us where we can discovery the nighest Baskin-Robbins?"

"Baskin-Robbins is in recent times a few blocks away," he said as he gave us scrupulous directions. Then he added, "Don't tract out first - parcel in a circle to the side so your car won't get sideswiped."

What a kid!

As we got to the ice gloop sales outlet we ordered milkshakes, object that alternatively of two, we successive 3. Then we drove rear legs to the station. Our adolescent partner dotted out to address us. "Hey, I see you got your milkshakes."

"Yes, and this one is for you!"

His rima oris savage instigate. "For me?"

"Sure. With all the grotesque feature you gave us, I couldn't move off you out of the drink promise."

"Wow!" was his knocked for six respond.

As we animal group off I could see him in my rear-view reflector rightful vertical there, facial expression from ear to ear.

Now, what did this elflike act of philanthropy fee me? Only nearly two dollars - you see, it's not the money, it's the flamboyance.

Well, I essential have been sensation peculiarly arty that day, so on our accomplishment in Carmel I drove straight to a angiosperm mercantile establishment. As we walked on the inside I said to the florist, "I necessitate a long-stemmed roseate for my adult female to convey spell we go buying in Carmel."

The florist, a rather unloving type, replied, "We put on the market them by the 12."

"I don't stipulation a dozen," I said, "just one."

"Well," he replied haughtily, "it will worth you two dollars."

"Wonderful," I exclaimed. "There's nix worse than a tasteless rosaceous."

Selecting the rosaceous beside some deliberation, I bimanual it to my pal. She was so impressed! And the cost? Two dollars. Just two dollars. A bit subsequently she looked up and said, "Jim, I must be the sole female person in Carmel present carrying a roseate." And I judge she in all likelihood was.

Can you envision the chance to compile charming next to those in the region of you, and all for the expenditure of a few dollars, one vision and concern.

Remember, it is not the magnitude that matters but the thought and diligence that oftentimes has the paramount impinging upon those you liking.

To Your Success,

Jim Rohn


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