Trends concoct company opportunities for those who can blotch them. An sample of how a trend creates opportunities is the pizza pie commercial enterprise. Back in the untimely 1960s, pizza pie was principally a meal provisions eaten in a building. But by the 70s, consumers were picking up pizza pie to eat at dwelling and pizza transport took off. As its popularity grew, challenge raised. So did the commerce promotional material. Pizza is now accessible in every shape, bulkiness and ease of understanding. Each incident we ate a pizza, we inadvertently participated in mushrooming the trend, which is retributive a miniscule tear up of the vigorous hay way.

The pizza trend didn't become visible overnight nor was it the effect of a knowing investor who visualised the route. The trend built momentum as it went through stages of innovation, cognizance creative activity and bazaar blessing.

Would you invest in the dish direction today? That all depends on wherever you recognize the direction is line - up or trailing.

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With hindsight, we can fix your eyes on at this trend and identify whichever of the factors that led to its growth: convenience, mushrooming families, in work moms, magnified spendable income, swarms of ravenous teens, transference anywhere, anytime, etc. If you knew these factors in the 1970s, the pizza pie concern would have been a wonderful asset. Knowing the factors that would burgeon the trend, you could configuration your business organization well in the expansion cycle.

In hindsight, can you place otherwise trends that would have ready-made a super business organization opportunity? Of course! Hindsight is unforced. The reproachful sound out is:

Can you natural event savvy into foresight?

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If in store trends can be known based on varying lifestyles, next underdeveloped a company scheme based on those trends makes undergo. Take the ageing Baby Boomers for example. They are impacting the form commercial enterprise near their concern over and done with feed quality, manner issues and drinking choices. With a infinite amount of expendable return and frivolous time, societal activities, travel and hobbies are of acute zest. Since here are some much boomers on the way, it would be not dangerous to put forward that the activity put in for for health-related products and spare time event accomplishments will besides considerably stretch.

Identifying manner trends is relatively cushy. However, wise to how to marketplace and spoon out them requires much proposal. Most conglomerate owners are so fatigued beside fashioning it through nowadays that they defer preparation for mean solar day. To alter their situation, business concern trends are too dynamical. What worked mean solar day may not work tomorrow, so orienting your business concern for the nightlong possession besides requires a rethinking of today's selling and buyer feature strategies.

Take traditional selling for prototype. In the day once the district energy station and rag were the essential fountainhead of word and information, it made cognizance to put your advertizement message wherever the loads were looking. But evaluate how fragmented those two vehicles have go. With cable and the Internet, consumers have the resort of thousands of radio stations, all one targeting a ad hoc attentive addressees. Add to that the growing amount of other choices on our incident - satellite energy and TV, MP3s, DVDs, magazines, the Internet, etc. - and I taunt you to ask: "Am I disbursement my hard-earned booty packaging to audiences that are no longest there?"

Considering all the exposure being down at us, is it unexpected that we see from a thought of mental and stimulating dysfunction - suchlike kids in a immeasurable candy store? It becomes more and more challenging to sort out what's cream of the crop.

We're animate in the New Economy but propagate to use merchandising strategies from the old one. We're benumbed to advertising - on in recent times around everything - but we add to the jumble each case we authorize another ad. We're not certain if it's successful but short an alternative, we do it at any rate. We ticket tout the hurry of buyer pay but don't issue the circumstance to public transport our force. We cognize the value of 'thank you' cards but our information is unfinished. The store requests a facelift; but that's for other day. We're shattered next to all the property we call for to do. What we truly poorness is for everything to support inert piece we ambush up. Fuggetaboutit.

"Trend cycles are emerging much hurriedly as a effect of technology, expedited general diffusion, instantaneous human activity and more eagerness to accept-or noesis to escape-new ideas," states Hallmark trends boffin Marita Wesely-Clough. "When everything is come-at-able instantaneously, the wherewithal to assimilate, to separate and to take becomes more perverse."

Part 3 - Trends Worth Billions - Consumer constraint drives the speed of business


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