Hp's Slimline Pavilion s7600c has a leading authority finished preceding incarnations of HP's small-form-factor design: a dual-core CPU. Thanks to AMD's new file of energy-efficient Athlon 64 X2 chips, HP can now contend beside the Mac Mini as a powerful, feature-rich minuscule PC. The Mac Mini has a massiveness and luxurious advantage; it's doubly as small, and its sanitary lines cut a superior chart. But what the Pavilion Slimline sacrifices in space-savings and flawless looks, it gains in practicality and presentation. It's likewise smaller amount overpriced. Although our inspection config expenditure $975, once you be a foil for out the spectacles to game those of the 1.83GHz Mac Mini Core Duo, the Slimline gets the win. If you're superficial for an affordable, tight computing device to deal with daily tasks, as very well as one that may well be able to carry out whatever home-theater duties, we recommend the Pavilion Slimline s7600e as the supreme on the edge regulations we've seen.

The point we like the Slimline so more is because of its features. In nigh every aspect, it beatniks the Mac Mini, its biggest gala. For spirit hardware, the config HP sent us came with a 2.0GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 processor; 1GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM; and a 250GB, 7,200rpm strong driving force. Those features, among others (which we'll get to), are all upgrades to the spirit Slimline PC config and convey the $450 postrebate basic damage up to our inspection unit's $975. To get the Mac Mini as stick as it can to those specs, you'd have to pay $1,075, and the tough actuation would inert be lone 160GB, or 90GB littler than our HP's. You could even face the Mac Mini to $1,152 if you add an Apple gnawing animal and keyboard, which would be fair, since the HP comes next to its own sign devices.

Both the Slimline s7600e and the 1.83GHz Mac Mini go next to DVD burners, although our second look element was the LightScribe classic (a $40 climb terminated the standard DVD apparatus), which can etch black-and-white descriptions onto the opencast of a recording. We don't brainwave LightScribe all that exciting, chiefly because it's slow, but we're convinced a few general public like-minded it. What we realize more than is the HP's wireless networking ability. It's a $25 constituent here, whereas near the Mac Mini it comes median. That attribute is fragment of what makes these minuscule PCs so home entertainment-friendly. It's casual to assume golf stroke them up to your tv and to pirouette pictures and music and demonstration photos. The HP lets you do that near Windows Media Center, and the Mac Mini with Apple's Front Row software system.

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HP likewise has the snake in separate features, but this is in cut due to its pattern. When you go larger on the case, you can do more. For example, the Slimline has a 9-in-1 media paper scholarly person for assured digital media transfers from cameras and otherwise tendency. The Mac Mini requires you to bung your devices in directly, because it doesn't have interior outer space to fit a media card drive. We besides queer Apple doesn't want to upset the Mini's clean-lined outdoor.

We're smaller quantity certain why the Mac Mini doesn't have a TV trained worker. WinBook tested that it's probable to fit a piano tuner in a slender baggage with its Jiv Mini. HP's Slimline has one by way of its half-height PCI enlargement spatial relation. We don't be keen on PC-based TV display because of the insolvent statue quality, and if you had one of these squat PCs attached to your TV, you wouldn't call for a trained worker in any case. What we close to going on for the HP more than the tuner itself is the PCI spatial relation that lets you add a paper in the original put.

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