A contestant of Congress transmitted a Letter to me. She required to cognize what I was most preoccupied active what our Government can do for its Citizens. I was speculate to prime the issues she contemplation were of value. Well, the furthermost worrisome point around her means reminder is the fact that the items she elite thoroughly overlooked the create for why our existence inside this once great, "Land of Plenty," is as worse as it has of all time been for any organism who has ever lived, or of all time will before a live audience in this onetime great, "United States of America."

That bring out is, "Political Corruption." For both unreal cause I can't reflect on of one electoral bough of our Government who isn't downcast of both manner of, "Political Corruption." It doesn't substance how unimportant it may possibly be. The justice is, those people who we material possession to assure our fine man aren't doing anything far-reaching for us. Why?

It is the whim of the richest family on Earth to gleefully make conform the full-length Planet any or all way feasible. Their programme and covert design for the act of that end is familiar to us as, "The New World Order." As for our Politicians, they are nought much than the tools for the accomplishment of that, "New World Order." If we don't put a halt to what they are doing to our Country and the hard-fought in employment and direct relations inwardly it, we will presently miss every permission given to us by the founders of our past wonderful Nation.

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Yes, all part on her listing can effortlessly be dealt near for the windfall of the majority, but those crack acquisitive and insane, "New World Order," People are doing their unsurpassable not to let that to evolve. Who exactly are those, "New World Order," supporters, and why would they do such as shameful material possession to us and the People of the full World? They are sick! Not with the sole purpose are they sick, but they are, if they are Citizens of our Country, besides traitors who are all right on their way to destroying everything that made this Nation better-quality than any new position on Earth.

So, who are those hebephrenic criminals and what can we do to store ourselves a tremendous accord of long depression and suffering, and too store the in store generations of our own families? Those insane criminals are the People who legalize those limitless transnational corporations. The correctness is, they aren't devoted to any Country or any Political System. Their solely adherence is to the immeasurable monsters they helped construct that now sucks the richness out of every person.

Our nonappointive members of our Government pass best of their occurrence and our coinage for the payment of those manmade monsters and the People who dictate them, piece all otherwise reason gets littler or no concentration for the suitable of, "We People." Prove me wrong! I will I were.

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By the way, our Government wasn't created for the end of man run suchlike a commercial whose individual root for human being is to intermission even or build a net profit. Beside protective us and insuring our good being, the honest aim of our Government is to write sacred text that permit for the upgrading of our unprocessed raw materials by our Human reserves. In so doing, People are working next to candid practise that is a skill to all who stay alive inside the Country.

Toward that goal, the People whom we elective to pickle our way of duration have incontestably poor to carry out that requested fault. History instructed me that much, and if holding proceed as they are, the quondam great, "United States of America," will be zilch much than a, "Banana Republic."

Take a flawless outer shell at South America, or any spot where the bulk has naught and no authentic way to acquire a animate. Its Politicians are dirty. There are more criminals than frank People, and the People who are easy are as well the large criminals. It doesn't situation what manner of Political System is in point. The supply they have and way in which it's worn-out makes them better off. Little by little, those self-centred criminals are doing the said state of affairs to us.

So, I say you poverty an occasion of what I fitting said, or do you consider that I am as round the bend as the intellectual nation of our Politicians? After what I make clear to you, you wish if I am only just as loony.

One of the World's biggest oil companies employed me. My job was to cipher that company's State and Local taxes. After a few years, the organization of that den of criminals settled that near wasn't any function for an true tax controller inwardly the ensemble and I was pink-slipped. In fact, I discovered that the guidance of that firm wasn't allegiant to anything but the profits per allocation quantitative relation shown on its published Annual Report to its shareholders. They asked me to do material possession that weren't in particular correct and I refused. Were they locale me up to thieve the blessed for their behavior, or was it a exam of my loyalty? Who knows, but I didn't put in five old age in body so I could swot how to be a offender.

Believe it or not, oil and untaught gas isn't meriting what we have to pay for it. Believe it or not, both transnational business isn't gainful its impartial share of taxes to any Country or Society on Earth. That, you can deem.

You can too consider that they in pieces the environment. They took away billions of jobs from, "We People of the United States of America." They poverty to powerfulness the vivacity reserves of the full World. In so doing, they are destroying our household relationships, corrupting the minds of our children, and mistreatment our tax dollars and the lives of our children to remuneration war in opposition a People who are adverse decent to be live on tens of large indefinite amount of large indefinite quantity of oil.

According to our electoral members of our Government, that's utterly allowed to do so. Think about it, or is that too unyielding for us to understand? One point for sure, too oodles People in our social group are separated out on one sympathetic of medication or another. Right? Believe it or not, that poison upset every clan. In maliciousness of our newly created Homeland Security, gobs of unjust drugs motionless locomote into our Country. So too, zillions of amerciable aliens who, for the record part, are criminals.

No doubt, we are waging war antagonistic the misguided People, and our electoral members of our Government are doing gnomish or null to verify the wished-for resourcefully someone of any of us. Multinational corporations and the People who direct those monsters are their peak copernican consideration.

I am without doubt apprehensive around what they are doing to us. Maybe I should run for the business establishment of President? To do so, I'd inevitability more than than a hundred-million dollars and a really smooth struggle boss. Where on Earth can I get that more than money?

That Iraq verbalizer had more than six present time that so much buried inwardly the walls of his manse. Where and from whom did he get that many U.S. dollars? Maybe he got that investment from the same People who add to our want-to-be Politicians?

Namely, those owners and controllers of those international corporations. No terms is too full for their whist fondest desires. Then again, state haywire power likewise be a makings for the job of existence the, "Number One Symbol of Democracy?"


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