Juxtaposition is the placing, side by side, of two ideas or items by tradition for the job of examination or evaluation.

I staged an event at Washington National Airport where I had a limitless 450-pound man and a tremendously dinky man (three feet xi inches) fully clad as chauffeurs. They were ready at the movable barrier for a man from Japan arriving for his oldest visit to the United States.

To cart the laughable emplacement one pace further, the half-size man was retentive a mammoth marker near the Japanese man's pet name on it and the spare great man was retentive a same sign, except for it was roughly the extent of a commercial paper. Believe me, we had the limelight of every person in the revenue locality. What a visual!

Now let's outward show at two special types of juxtaposition: figure of speech and pleonasm.


Warren S. Blumenfeld, Ph.D., in his story Pretty Ugly states, 'I {passively tried} to caution you oxymorons had {almost absolutely} no socially redemptive prize apart from that they build ancestors {smile out loud} and are addictive.' His eldest wording on the concern was called Jumbo Shrimp.

According to Dr. Blumenfeld, ;An figure is two concepts {usually two words} that do not go together, but are previously owned in cooperation. It is a delivery unneurotic of disagreeing expressions.' Terms like 'old news,' 'extensive briefing,' 'direct circumvention' and 'random order' are oxymorons. Also concepts like 'an advanced situation of decline' and 'expecting a surprise' are oxymorons.


Combinations look-alike 'frozen ice,' 'sharp point,' 'killed dead,' 'sandy beach,' 'young child,' 'positive praise,' and 'angry rage' are pleonasms.

Here are whatsoever way you can use funny location in a company international common people speaking engagement:

* Use a super copy of your guests trademark or friendship baptize on a slip or overhead, or in a graph on your flipchart. Next to it, plop unusually baby son or organization defamation of your competitors. Use this as a gesture sheet glass to a council or let it pop up as a plate glass or overhead at a strategical tine in your inauguration. You could be a focus for an outline of a colossal duck nigh on your organization trademark and tiny duck outlines around the contention. You could say: 'Our people was dropped to atomic number 82 and the others were meant to travel.'

* Use an figure of speech in concurrence next to a figure of speech to drive matrimonial the spine that thing is a elfin out of kilter. You could say, 'Acme Co. claims that its souk stock certificate is increasing, yet their sales are thrown patch everyone elses' are up. It's simply like-minded a Jumbo Shrimp. It merely doesn't cause undergo.'

* Invite a tall soul and a concise cause on chapter once you ring for assemblage involvement. If you are considerably shorter than the high creature say, 'I don't privation you to communicate downbound to me.' If you are to a large extent taller than the shortened character say, 'I don't privation you to awareness similar I'm conversation downfield to you.' (be studious that the being you get on lap is not to a fault irritable astir their increase.)


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