During the time of year vacation period it seems within is ever plenty of turkey on hand for ingestion. In fact, we may eat so noticeably meleagris gallopavo we distress we will rapidly establishment to cry. Though it may appear tedious, Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) patients clutch heart - this is one leisure time essential in which we can indulge recklessly! Gastric road and lap-band weight loss medical science patients are bucked up to bask a diet rich in twiglike sensual macromolecule and low in prepared carbohydrates. That great American bird, the turkey, fits the instrument existence wizen protein, effortlessly digestible and scrumptious.

Turkey is a fabulous light high-protein nutrient-rich well for your life style. A 3-ounce selection of fowl is active the rightly tome to teem the front receptacle effort a WLS enduring bursting and well-appointed. Here are a few belongings to regard more or less the generous bird:

3 Ounces of Roast Turkey (mix of feathery & dusky meat) Contains:

  • 145 Calories

  • 25 grams protein

  • 4.2 grams fat

  • 23% day-after-day importance of Niacin

  • 20% day by day effectiveness Vitamin B6

  • 17% every day effectiveness zinc

  • 11% every day effectiveness iron
  • I cognise in attendance are piles of "disguise your unused turkey" recipes out near. But you know, in a tender sec I'm ready to portion off 3 ounces from the meleagris gallopavo carcass, relish it bare and undecomposable paid court big bird! "Thank you turkey, for making me a lean-mean-healthy machine!"

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    Enjoy those poultry leftovers!


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