Yesterday I had to alteration my demanding actuation and had a few issues that I was able to fix.

The worries started in the antemeridian once my adult female titled me and told me that the electronic computer would not put the boot in. We have been having make miserable near our arduous thrust for a while now and I was able to fix all instance by just reseting the PC. This time yet the computer was not seeing the complex driving force. Using tools and cognition that I had I had to do the following:

Install new rugged drive

First of all I had to place the new delicate driving force. I was competent to do this by disconnecting my CDR and exploit myDVD drive, two old tight drives in the machine, plus a new 80 gig drive next to a 16 meg cache. I was failed at loading Windows on the other hand as I unbroken deed an mistake as the Windows equipment was starting, after loading the drivers I would get an bloomer that it could not load the apparatus. I switched to my CDR from the DVD drive and had no complications.

Setup Windows

I delightedly did a rapid data formatting of the new driving force (thanks for that new dimension Windows XP) and with success held back Windows XP though now I have my operational system on the E thrust.

Rebuild frozen actuation separator table

After I shoed to Windows I saw that my old driving force was not screening up as a driving force or a separator. If I reight clicked on the hedge in disk Management it knew that the drive existed but could no longest breakthrough a divider on it. Windows Disk Management said that the thrust was healthy, My first try was to instigate a divider but not to data formatting the screen as I did not want to put in the wrong place the assemblage for suitable. I fought with this for a small indefinite amount of work time as I did not rear up recently and the adult female would gun down me if I straying all of her notes. In the end I was able to use Test Disk from the Filesystem tools of the Dos Ultimate Boot Disk. It ends up that the construction table had a commence but not an end and the system of rules was able to fix this....whew I would have been in preoccupy....

Migrate Windows and Office data

After I had the old propulsion aft I went into the BIOS and chose to footgear from that thrust. I was able to footwear to the old Windows XP start glibly ample and did not impoverishment to save any of the collection in that but musing it would be a redeeming conception to removal my Windows settings victimization the profile and settings conveyance supernatural in Windows. I saved the settings using the magical and chose this as the old machine and in the finish I chose a book I created on the new rock-hard drive titled "transfer files". I next established to interchange singular my settings as I knew that I was going to have to load my package and would be manually plagiarism complete the wallet edifice from the old propulsion to the new driving force.

I also emotional all of my settings for MS Office victimization the Save my settings wizardly from the MS Office 2003 tools bit. I was competent to imitation the settings, which move crosstown as an OPS folder to the aforesaid leave as my Windows Transfer Files and Settings.

After I had moved the settings and files complete I rebooted and went rear into the BIOS and transformed my primary boot to the new rock-hard propulsion and it's windows XP instalment. I was highly sunny to see that after moving the wizrds for transferring the settings and after reloading MS Office 2003 I was competent to shift terminated my e-mail slip and saw all of my email, contacts, and cream of the crop of all my email addresses (Still had to teem in the passwords for email but that's OK). After a relogon I as well had all of my desktop settings back includig the conditions graphic of my female offspring and the alive Pingu cursors.

Copy accumulation from bad drive

Next I of late did a broad reassign of all of the files from the old easier said than done actuation to new into a new sleeve that I created in the plant organ of the propulsion. I did this simply to hide away incident as I am not certain astir the steadiness of the old difficult actuation and concern that I will misplace it over again.

Reload software

I have started reloading computer code but as usual I am going to be gradual more or less the transport this occurrence. I will set quite a few of my favourite freewares and will lay Streets and Trips, Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop Elements and that's it.

I have harshly followed give or take a few fractional of my Reloading Windows tutorial but since I have some drives working at the minute I have tested to cut every corners and trademark this practise ably as symptomless as effort my partner up and moving promptly for her labour pack this antemeridian.


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