Is it lately me or did we drastically switch our foreign programme in the once few decades? What happened to; Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick? You cognise it seems we are so worried not to angry anyone's mental state that we are algophobic to action that bat at those nations, which go against world peace.

Those commonwealth states, whose activity be to; Blow Other Nations off the map. Threaten to body type nuclear artillery and even acquisition long-range missile platforms talented of carrying them to Europe, Asia and inside the Middle East.

Nations who communicate of correctness and next send away insurgents to foil a mature Democracy and termination unimpeachable lives in bombings while attempting to goad gracious war. Nations who fund International Terrorist Parties hostile their neighbour nations.

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How can the United States of America far-famed for greatness and honor; equity and virtue; male like activity and tough-minded love, keep alive to renounce the trueness and overawe such as nations with a undersize little sprig brought by a pigeon who is being poisoned in Political Correctness of the exceptionally nations who uphold these issues, deny them and later go on like it is business as common near their misdeeds.

What happened America, did you bury your roots? Did you bury roughly speaking Baseball, Big Sticks and Apple Pie? Are we merely active to shelf about and permit these things to keep up as more those die?

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