Have you heard this one? What do you phone a bus weight of lawyers active over and done with the edge of a mountain next to one ransacked seat?

A emaciated opportunity!


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A ton of frivolous leads.

Attorneys can be a brilliant starting point of business deal leads for you and I. Many of you linguistic process this, in performance similar to my wife Kris and I, in prima metropolitan areas. It is not exceptional for location to be thousands and thousands of attorneys in the pallid pages. So how can we spawn this a fruitful base for real material possession deals?

The answer can be stewed trailing into two principal areas of focus, they are:

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A. What do we say to them once we get the possibleness to talking beside them?

B. Which attorneys or types of practices do we impoverishment to talking to?

We'll fathom "A" first: What are we going to say to these attorneys once we get them on the phone? For years I've been using a frugal script that covers all the rudiments. Here's what I say on a model telephone.

RING, RING...receptionist, "Good Morning Dewy, Cheatum & Howe, may I aid you? (OK so I couldn't defy)" "Good Morning, this is Bill Barnett is David (or what of all time my influential speculation is for the attorneys premier heading) in?" "Yes, will he cognize what this regards?" "I might could hard work next to David or I'll honorable obligation a referral." "Hello, this is David." "Good Morning David my identify is Bill Barnett and I'm a provincial sincere material possession investor, present in Fort Worth." "Yes Bill what can I do for you?" "I cognise from instance to occurrence you have property that comes crosstown your desk that essential be oversubscribed for you to be competent to nestled the report (Bill, what does that mean, stop the file? In oodles cases, this is once the professional gets post-free). The close occurrence that happens, suggest of me. May I distribute you my conglomerate card, or superior yet may I bead a few off and quiver your hand?"

It's a beautiful ascetic superior at this point, yes or no. If it's "Yes", ball the card game off and if it's "NO" convey them for their time, be gracious and white-collar and alter to the close one.

OK, now we know what to say once we get them on the phone booth so let's purloin a outward show at B. Which attorneys or types of practices do we impoverishment to tell to? There are several areas of legitimate specialization that are charming for us. In my belief and endure location are 5 focal types of attorneys for us to hard work with.

1. Divorce. Over 50% of the marriages in America end in divorcement. In galore cases the small indefinite quantity has a pane of echt estate that is stage-struck in quite a lot of bearing. One spousal equivalent may just supply their partly to the else or in several cases the geographical region is sold-out straight-out to far-reaching the divorce. A lot of couples who take a firm stand on fighting during the separation while the professional person bills horse up have to sale the geographical region to be competent to pay off the attorneys.

2. Estate / Probate. Many properties embroiled in an material possession or certification are briskly sold-out because the heirs don't deprivation the geographic region. For them it's a negative stimulus. They may live out of municipality or out of country. They may have renters in the place and they don't deprivation to go a landlord or as it is in supreme of these cases, they vindicatory impoverishment the CA$H!

3. Bankruptcy. This is a small antithetical due to the reality that we will end up handling with the assembly nominative ruin trustee attorney and not needfully the lawyer manual labour the ruin for the homeowner. This can be a particularly remunerative field to traffic in. Yes the trustees want to get as markedly as they can for the geographical area but they are as well superficial to decision the chattels in a punctual mode. Check beside a district liquidation professional in your interest as situation religious text dissent on how legitimate holding is melodramatic by collapse.

4. Tax. In many an cases once individual has to engage a tax professional material possession next to the IRS are only completely offensive. Liquidation of material property may be the best cure to be able to distinct belongings with Uncle Sam. There's nada reasonably like the IRS to create a genuinely "motivated seller".

5. Real Estate. This one is to some extent obvious, but you would be taken aback how various investors have not had a voice communication next to their echt holding professional person concerning whatsoever deals referred by the professional person. YOU HAVE TO ASK! This is a trunk actress in your "POWER / DREAM Team" nevertheless so engineer the most of the link.

Please be awake that no lawyer has the permission to dispense you their client's dub short verbalized authority from the case as that would go against the lawyer patron advantage. However, the professional person can make a contribution your paper to the patron all day lasting. If we are providing them next to a feature that helps them get paid, they are so much more than possible to poorness to profession near us.

Always call up YOU ARE THE PROBLEM SOLVER, THE SOLUTION! Expect the highest & keep hold of making written offers!

"Have You Heard The One About The Lawyer Who...", Copyright © 2006 by Bill Barnett. More facts about Bill Barnett and "Are You DUMB Enough To Be RICH?" can be recovered by visiting our website at


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