Neil Armstrong made his premiere satellite hike on July 20, 1969, two months up to that time I entered school. I call to mind that heaps Americans were euphoriant nearly this accomplishment. There were songs written, celebrations, internal organ cartridge parades, and coins portrayal an bird of jove platform on the satellite.

Yet what truly stand out in my mental representation was a notice on a classmate's dorm-room wall. It looked resembling the head-on page of a newspaper's signal printing. The cosmic pic ascendent the high fractional of the folio showed Armstrong in his opportunity suit, plate armor down, location the U.S. colours into satellite soil. The superior header screamed, "So what?"

I feel the "So what?" bill was questioning whether the millions poured into the universe system of rules were secure spell citizens in the U.S. and in a circle the global were stagnant sorrow from hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and poverty-stricken eudaimonia attention to detail. Stewardship was the put out the advertisement was raising.

Most would concur the area program has been ably meriting its cost. The frequent spin-offs are not the lonesome godsend. This acute act until the end of time transformed our assumptions of what is gettable.

We should ask ourselves, "So what?" at the extremely point we complete thing we are tempted to description "great." We should do this so habitually that we cram to ask it at the initiation of a project, not a short time ago at its end. Is this item into which I am bucketing so by a long chalk of my time, money, and force genuinely deserving it all? Will it renovation the international for the better? Will it transfer me?

The Master asked, "So what?" once again and once more. He wished-for his disciples to measure the cost, to study the fruit, to face thrown the schoolwide roadworthy and up the dictatorial avenue. Many of His parables have to do next to Judgment Day. The combustion of result will smoke up all the unmerited pursuits and the fly-by-night goals. What survives will be solitary what can face such as a probing cross-examine next to congealed self-confidence.


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