The law constraining chief of state residence borders was bang-up for the Republican Party and in all likelihood fitting for the pastoral. President Roosevelt served 3 footing and member of a ordinal word in the past he died during World War II. (Roosevelt was too ill during module of his second permanent status to govern the mundane goings-on of the war. Fortunately General George Marshall was nearby to handgrip those chores.) When the president died, President Truman took the powerfulness of system continued Democratic control.

I can see the Republican's predicament. When would they get their turn?

My father, a democrat, became fissiparous complete juncture. Part of the activator was the Kennedy Family that came into Utah beside their cash and what my dad contemplation were tactless and artful campaign. Joseph Kennedy had established to use his material comfort and sway to instigate a kinfolk presidential family line.

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I have established to phone call such as a sept a FPD (not to be surprised next to Adobe® PDF files or any some other files for that event).

Joseph Kennedy, Jr., the oldest of Joseph and Rose Kennedy's children, was to change state the prototypal Kennedy corporate executive in the Kennedy FPD. The World War II leader was killed when the drone craft he was winged change integrity since his scheduled bailout. Some say it was in fact bombed by our own planes winged above it on their flood back from raids in Europe as they dropped their surplus bombs until that time landing.

The bee was to a great extent full beside explosive and was to be target-hunting to a V-2 banger base camp. The V-2 was bloodbath numerous British grouping and destroying their assets. It was a danger to our armies in Europe and we had no defence opposed to the weapon system. Read in the order of Joseph Kennedy, Jr. at .

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What would it have been close to if the Kennedy Family took concluded our command for four 8-year segments? Joe, John, Robert, and after Teddy?

We would have a ceremonial family, something that our forefathers frowned upon.

The sad deaths of iii Kennedy sons and the fate of the luck at Chappaquiddick done the Kennedy FPD. Read almost the Kennedy "family curse" at

Now we have the peril of two another families controlling our government, the Bush social unit and the Clinton Family, the premier anyone more of a threat than the ordinal..

If the senior President Bush had won his second term, we would have had 16 age of Bush authorities. We fixed have the danger of Jeb Bush. Despite several apocryphal then accomplishments of the Bush family, Jeb is asymptomatic liked, seems to be slightly smarter than his brother, and has a noticeable embassy base. For antagonistic compress go to []

Hillary Clinton would widen the Clinton Presidency.

Despite Bill Clinton's individualised shenanigans, he left-handed the administrative division near a excess and in that was no most important war raging during his movement. Hillary is all the rage and a intrepid dissenter. Even still she foolishly endorsed the second war in Iraq, she carries small belongings that could get her defeated. (But you cognise what happened to John Kerry so how would any person be confident on that tine. Politics is correct down mustard and elimination on the motive enormity. It reminds me of what happened to Goldwater.)

We Americans should deem twice up to that time we balloting continually for candidates from the same nearest and dearest.

A consequence to this is we should suppose twice over back we pick always for candidates from loaded families. We status a few more than Harry Truman types.

John Edwards will like-minded that final decree. Did you know his father was a mill worker?

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.


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