One of the champion pieces of counsel I of all time prescriptive on
customer holding was this: "Never forget a user.
Never let a user bury you."

But swing that adage into pattern is the troublesome constituent.
How do you kill time in touch with individual who is not
ready to buy this quarter? How do you linger in touch
with a user who freshly ready-made a purchase and is not
likely to build different one for a few geezerhood (car gross revenue
comes to cognition)?

The reply is ooze selling. Drip mercantilism is the
process of sending repeated, in dispute messages to
your prospects and consumers until they are ready to
buy. Drip commercialism is look-alike filter irrigation, where
farmers and gardeners utilise mini amounts of binary compound
to plant life finished long-lasting periods of circumstance or else of all at

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Drip commerce is straight post commerce near a
calendar. The key to glory is to messages or email your
customers and prospective regulars holding that
interest them end-to-end the period of time at preset intervals.

So what, exactly, do you mail? Here are quite a few ideas.


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New wares or service, or changes to existent.

Annual and period reports

Include a sheathing letter leading reader's awareness to
relevant pages.

Article reprints

Written by your steadfast on a subject matter of a little something to your


Email a relationship to recent posts that will seasoning your

Book summaries

Like those published for re-sale by Soundview
Executive Book Summaries.


Must be significant and customer-centred.

Case studies

Always practical to prospects and clients because they
show how as good as organizations are finding analogous

Holiday address cards

Joe Girard, the world's top salesman, mailed a
greeting paper all time period to prospects and clients,
including St. Patrick's Day and some other off-beat holidays.

Customer pleasure surveys

Everyone likes to endow with their opinion, plus, you'll learn

Dimensional mail

A trained worker in Seattle, Washington, sends a box of
Washington apples to prospects and constant clients
as a way to kill time new-made in their memory.


Informal, informational, not subject matter.


To be a business show, commercial enterprise happening or
customer circumstance (golf, anyone?).


Informal, informational, not subject matter.

Media clippings

Articles engrossed about your untiring.


Print or email, or both, beside articles that computer address
customer challenges.

News releases

Just as interminable as they present word that readers will

Product catalogs

With protect letter directional reader's limelight to wares
pages and articles that are useful to them.

Reference guides

Glossaries of industry terms, directories, how-to

Research reports

Presenting assemblage from your investigating or that
conducted by 3rd parties.

Special reports

Think industry trends, what's hot, buying guides.

Technical bulletins

Brief, relevant, paying special attention.

Webcasts and podcasts

Send a linkage in emails.

White papers

Discussing industry trends and challenges, and

This article you're linguistic process is dribble commercialism in human activity. I'm the faucet. If you necessitate aid next to your dribble marketing, give me a name at 877 SHARPE COPY (742-7732).


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