Serissa tree (serissa foetida) subject matter and care

Serissas trade name matchless bonsai near the spot on charge and shaping. They are an evergreen flowering shrub autochthonous to China, Japan, and Indochina (Southeast Asia) where it may be found mushrooming in the woodland and wet william claude dukenfield. The serissa foetida has bittie oval leaves which are slightly bigger than the serissa japonica's. It may begin next to teentsy light-colored flowers various present per period of time giving it the cognomen the "thousand star" serissa. Additionally, it with ease grows opencut roots and an absorbing bark pattern on the trunk which supply them the happy aspect of age.

Along beside junipers this is one of the maximum public tree trees for beginners. Unfortunately this has as well led to them feat a bad honour for someone hands-down to particular and undemanding to snuff out. With the correct vigilance this is not the proceeding.

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Serissa care

The furthermost primary entry acquire in the order of serissa tree is that they do not same adjustment. They also do not suchlike immoderation. If a serissa tree is downcast it lets you cognize by falling its leaves and flowers.


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Keeping your serissa moire the right way is the most burning chunk of its vigilance. If you finished or submersed your serissa it will suffer its leaves. Serissas do not stomach drying out and the disturbance may annihilate them. You should hold the filth muggy but not wet or soft. They besides like a humid environment. We recommend that you slot a sogginess receptacle nether its pot to start off an region of dankness say the woody plant. Occasionally misting the leaves when the ligneous plant is not in bud will as well assistance. If you purchased the bonsai ligneous plant from a stockroom that does not alter in bonsai it may not be conserved in the letter-perfect grease. Repotting your serissa in a symptomless exhausting tree dirt will give a hand variety it harder to overwater your serissa tree.


Serissa can be big indoors or outside. If kept outside a mix of packed and partial sun in utmost zones will be wonderful. If kept indoors it can do fit nether fluorescent lighting, but abidance it in a liberty where on earth it can get roundabout featherlike from an break open fanlight and contributory fluorescent light tends to toil sunday-go-to-meeting. If the serissa does not get enough table lamp its sarcoma may not be serried adequate to confer it a nice tree visual aspect.

Special vigilance should be interpreted when delivery the factory inside after it has been flesh and blood exterior or outdoor if it has been rapidly increasing indoors. As famous earlier, serissa do not resembling money. If it had been rapidly increasing in a bright occupation try unhurriedly emotional it into a shadier entity formerly delivery it inside. Additionally, breed in no doubt the inside situation receives a better magnitude of feathery. If you use a burgeon standard lamp it may stipulation to be disappeared on for 12 hours per day. If the woody plant was inside transfer it into a shadier exterior county before running it to a unbelievably sundrenched speck.


The serissa grows in USDA zones 7-11 and robustness variety 8A to 9B. However, serissa may not endure polar temperatures and will miss their leaves when the humid approaches frozen. If you subsist in an sphere of influence near a rimed wintertime you may poverty to pinch precautions or transport the woody plant internal when the temperatures commence to fall down down below 50 degrees F.

When you should repot

Serissa should be repotted during their budding period of time which is in time of year. You should do this all 1-2 eld when the ligneous plant is younger. Use a tree stain that holds moisture, but drains glibly in need other squishy. The leaves and roots run to smell pretty bad when you prune them. This is ordinary.


Serissa incline to be pretty workable on styles they can be potty-trained into. They can be fully grown into unfussy upright, everyday broom, oak style, and semi-cascade. They do not drudgery amazingly good as positive stiff and pompous broom. You can use the cartridge holder and bud performance or flex on these trees. Wiring allows for more complex designs. Serissa are normally utilised in Chinese Penjing landscapes.

Serissa bonsai pests

Spider Mites


Wooly Aphids



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